As most companies, dominating the IT scene today, we started off by making our first freelance project, which was a cms Joomla-powered website. From 2011 we were so busy with increasing customers’ projects, so busy in fact, that we had no time to create our own website.

Our two-man venture spent quite some time namelessly, until one day both co-founders agreed on CitrusDev which is both juicy, and implies that we are primarily developers here. We then quickly got a domain and… put it under construction. We are still fondly keeping it here to remind of where we started.

...a few years passed…

Today our team is over 50 people huge, located in the most IT-oriented cities of Ukraine, and boasts various IT specialists ranging from programmers of all flavours, designers, system administrators, networking engineers, digital and project managers, the inescapable IT sec guy and the marketing people of various specialities.

Product Development

Software that makes complicated things easy

Web Development

One-stop shop for web development and advertising

Mobile Development

Helping your products become mobile

Digital Marketing

We make your products desirable

Dedicated Team

Fully dedicated team to get your project live faster

web development
2 people
3 projects per year
web development
7 people
10+ projects per year
web development
50 people
100+ projects per year
Our Team
  • 2011
    web development
    2 people
    3 projects per year
  • 2012
    web development
    5 people
    10 projects per year
  • 2017
    web development
    40 people
    100+ projects per year

With this strong team we can deliver. You do not need to browse for freelancers doing every little job, check their credentials, worry about the timelines, cover for their incompetence (yes, this happened to us too, and we’ve handled this with a lot of success). Instead, we can offer you a full range of services required for the success of your project! At a competitive price, with a decent timeline, using our best expertise. And, we do deliver.

development Team

It is perfect if you are working with an in-house development team that you want to extend with additional skills or resources

Custom Software

Best if you have a clear vision of your product and you look for a dependable partner to take care of the actual implementation


Our first clients were inevitably local, but now we have customers in over 40 countries and counting. To be closer to our clients, we have opened representative offices in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Israel. Please contact the geographically or spiritually closest office to get a consultation or book a meeting.

Working with startups

With an energetic and ambitious team like ours, we are always happy and indeed capable to implement your boldest ideas.


Yes, and always yes! AR, VR in life, business, education and healthcare! Yes, we are happy to connect your controlled environments or small appliances to the Internet.

Our clients and partners

We are very proud of our client portfolio, we are glad and delighted to be that reliable partner who helps their businesses grow.
Your success is our success, and because of this we do our best to understand your business and your customers almost as well as you do. Our vast experience with clients in various domains allows us help our individual customers, entrepreneurs and established businesses expand their borders, conquer new markets and be at their best. Because we are keeping at our best.


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